“What is it that you do for a living Ellie?”

I am a freelance drama facilitator, practitioner, teacher, theatre maker, mentor, support worker, advisor and deviser.

Bit of a wordy job title isn’t it? Sometimes I do struggle to answer this question and I think a lot of artists find it a bit of a tricky one. I thought

Masks are theatrical by nature and often persuade less confident students to just ‘let go’ – which I why I find myself using them quite often. The concept of a mask covering one’s face relates to an anonymous nature – allowing the wearer to become quite mischievous as they snigger behind their safety net. Whenever I use masks for

I thought it was only right to introduce some of my methods for my first blog – the first one is always a bit tricky to write considering I am currently just a head shot and web content to you at the minute. My five tricks are just simple little techniques I find myself regularly using  in varying degrees