“What is it that you do for a living Ellie?”

I am a freelance drama facilitator, practitioner, teacher, theatre maker, mentor, support worker, advisor and deviser.

Bit of a wordy job title isn’t it? Sometimes I do struggle to answer this question and I think a lot of artists find it a bit of a tricky one. I thought trying to type it out might actually give me and other people some clarity!

I work with various groups and each group I come into contact with often have very specific needs that need to be fulfilled. For example I teach on a lovely industry prep course and the students are eager to learn, bright eyed and bushy tailed. They come to drama classes to develop their craft as budding actors and performers. This job isn’t any easier or harder than working on a community project or in a school with young people, but all these projects require a completely different skill set. (Hence the indulgent job title.)

I thought it would be helpful for me (and possibly others) to understand why people go to artistic classes in general, whatever their background or interest. Why do people want to become actors, artists, writers? Why come along to the community project? Why take part in the school play?

After actually asking these questions to various groups of participants, it generally boiled down to this answer –

“Because it makes me feel good”.

Amazing. So I decided this week that I am a freelance facilitator of happiness.