One to one Classes

One to one classes are a unique way of developing performance or presentation skills. We focus sessions based on your needs, your interests, and your abilities – which can be difficult to do in group classes. Depending on your requirements, I also offer additional support outside of the session times, through de-briefs and planning support.


I offer one to one classes for a wide range of needs. These include (but are not limited to) –

Audition Preparation

Drama School Auditions

Presentation Practise

Public Speaking Skill Development

Interview technique

Support for Aspiring Practitioners


Please note: I am only able to offer one to one classes for people based in Yorkshire. If you live outside of Yorkshire, I may be able to offer advice through email / telephone, or recommend another teacher to you. My hourly rate for one to one classes varies depending on where you are based and what you would like to cover. Please contact me for more information.


All of my sessions with Ellie have been incredibly helpful in different ways and I now feel so much more confident, not just in public speaking but in all aspects of my life – with friends and relationships to work and everyday communications. The thought of public speaking no longer scares me but actually excites me now as I want to keep practising and improving! I know that I wouldn’t have been able to reach this point without all of Ellie’s help, support and guidance and I really feel that my confidence and self esteem has greatly increased due to these sessions.

Freya L – Public Speaking and Facilitation Skills – Private Tuition


Even the staff that were helping on the evening said they were shocked at how much I could project my voice as I normally speak so quietly, they had to do a double-take! Thank you Ellie, so much, that extra training really paid off. 

Joanne M – Public Speaking for Events – Private Tuition


Ellie greatly improved my public speaking skills, introducing me to a number of fun and challenging techniques and exercises. She also introduced me to acting for the first time, getting me to improvise and read scripts. The sessions are suitable for anyone, you can decide how advanced or difficult you want them to be. For anyone looking to either improve their confidence when communicating to a group or wanting to advance their acting skills, Ellie’s sessions are both enjoyable and rewarding.

Olly J – Public Speaking and Performance – Private Tuition