Corporate Workshops

A team player is feeling part of something larger than yourself, understanding the ethos and the motive of the larger body and supporting other members wholeheartedly. I provide a unique and creative approach to team building and staff training days in corporate settings, one that develops co-worker relationships within the workforce and shines a new light and energy in the office environment.

I achieve great results by providing fun, constructive, relevant and engaging workshops that most definitely take the workforce out of their comfort zone for the day – for me, this is key to building a successful and fully invested team. Staff are guaranteed to enjoy this memorable experience whilst also exercising their creativity, communicating effectively and implement ideas.

Programmes require significant planning and basic information about the organisation prior to the start date.

This programme is ideal for

  • Both large and small work forces in any corporate industries
  • Team Building Days and Events
  • Staff Training Seminars or Conferences surrounding Creativity in the Workplace