Performances and Training

Performance technique will always be at the very core of my practise and live theatre firmly remains a deep passion of mine. As a trained community arts practitioner, my performance and training opportunities often reflect individual technique, social connections and workshop experiences to explore an idea or skill. However, I am also a trained and practised youth theatre director and offer conventional training in acting and also drama school prep. As a keen physical practitioner I deliver movement workshops from physical theatre sessions to Trestle mask training opportunities – most of my training sessions involve lots of laughter and experimenting both physically and verbally.

I frequently deliver public speaking training sessions for emerging actors, university students, secondary school students, arts practitioners and the general public. Public speaking taught through drama includes vocal diction, intonation and projection of the voice – something which can often be challenging to tackle without appropriate training. I also work with students breathing, pause and tension control, as the most engaging public speaking performances are created through the use of silence. Storytelling skills are fundamental when it comes to connecting to an audience, and practising these skills through drama is a fun and interesting way of exploring our own unique style.

I predominantly offer training opportunities for young people and adults in higher education settings, youth theatres, independent performing arts schools and secondary schools. I have been very fortunate to work with some wonderful schools and programmes such as –

ACT Academy

City of York Adult Learning

Carney Academy


PQA York

TAB Youth Theatre

Upstage Centre Youth Theatre

Alcuin College – University of York