Theatre for Expression

My term ‘Theatre for Expression’ covers a wide range of different activities which are focused around communities or individuals. As a drama practitioner, I aim to create s space which encourage imagination, laughter, and moments of celebration!

I predominantly work with children and young people, focusing on social inclusion, personal confidence and playfulness. Previously this has included reflective workshops or play programmes which are interesting and safe ways of exploring our relationships, connections to our community and our own unique perceptions. I also workshop community performances for different audiences, again to explore a range of different ideas or challenges.

I also work with adults and older people with additional needs. I tend to focus my practise on sensory play, prop interaction, storytelling and movement. Previously this has included ‘open play’ workshops, physical theatre workshops, non verbal interactions, interdisciplinary workshops with other community practitioners and sensory interactions.

I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful organisations in delivering playful and accessible workshops for community groups and organisations. Some of these include –

Artlink West Yorkshire

Children in Care Council

Doncaster Community Arts


Grimm & Co

Hoot Creative Arts

ICU Transformational Arts


Life with Art